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    LISA MEI LING FONG - Too Close to Home

    CAIT WILLIS - The Weak Signal Series

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    by contacting Clam Lynch at: 323.359.5095

  • Lisa Mei Ling Fong:
    I am an Assemblage Artist. I collect and arrange relics in themed "Introversion Boxes" to create sentimental memorials. Expressing my thoughts of Life in Introversion Boxes gives me a way to appreciate and reflect upon our fleeting existence.

    I present "Too Close to Home" at 63 Bluxome Street Gallery, as I prepare to leave my home of San Francisco to move on to my next journey. This show displays my Introversion Boxes that represent what I have learned through the culture and history of my travels to Japan, China, Poland, Germany and South Africa with themes of War, the Holocaust and Apartheid. I have always been sentimental about places, their history, the human condition, its adversities and subsequent triumphs. Objects become, in effect, vicarious representations of people and places and thus represent their energy.

    I continue to hone my skills by working in theatrical properties and set construction. I currently reside in a live/work warehouse in San Francisco. I am represented by Strychnin Gallery, Berlin/New York City/London.

    www.eerieart.com | www.strychnin.com

  • Cait Willis:
    The Weak Signal Series lifts particularly glitchy stills from an old TV. I then paint based on the digital photos from the stills. I work in acrylics on canvas employing a technique mostly seen in Grecian pottery called sgraffiti. This entails painting or glazing over a darker ground a lighter ground and then exposing the darker ground through the act of scratching or drawing into the surface. This creates a highly graphic line that is the armature of the rest of the picture. I strive to get the nature of the life behind the gaze of my subjects. It is their character that informs the line and color.

    Art Nouveau, Japanese woodblocks, fashion magazines, films of the French New Wave, Maxfield Parish colors, and 19th century fairy-tale illustrations are some of the influences on my work. I am obsessed with linking the world of pop culture to the academic world. It is in the tension between the bright world of the painting's surface and the larger underlying mechanisms of narrative that keeps me painting at a time when many say painting is dead. I believe that is just an idea for those that forgot that imagination creates endless possibilities.


  • Lisa Mei Ling Fong             |             photo: Judy Tam-Lynch
  • Lisa setting up             |             photo: Judy Tam-Lynch
  • Setting Up             |             photos: Judy Tam-Lynch
  • Lisa Mei Ling Fong             |             photo: Judy Tam-Lynch
  • Lisa | Lisa's Work | Opening Night             |             photos: Judy Tam-Lynch
  • Cait Willis' Work             |             photo: Judy Tam-Lynch