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  • Drawshow
    Opening Night: 08.03.2013 / 6pm - 9pm

    Music by David Choong Lee

    A big show in a small space. This group show is dedicated entirely to drawing. Whether you paint, sculpt, or work on a computer; everything starts with a sketch or a drawing. No theme, any media, and lots of creative folks showing you how it's done.

    Most works in this show will be priced at $200 or below

    ' Over 30 artists showcasing work dedicated to drawing
    Artists include:
    Ben Hopkins, Ben Walker, Chris Canga, Cody Williams, Cody Vrosh, Daryll Peirce, Dave Correia, Donia, Donta Santiatevan, Emonic, Goran Rajovik, Isaac Pierro, Jessica Jenkins, Joemur, Joey Vela, John Casey, Ken Davis, Lucien Shapiro, Marcos LeFaga, Marissa, Matt 136, Max Kauffman, Nana Procelaine, Patrick O'Connell, Ricky Watts, Robert Bowen, Sheila C., Steve Caballero, Super Ugly, and more...