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  • maddock
    Opening Saturday June 29, 2019 • 7 - 10pm

    Jeremiah Maddock taps into the Other World when executing his excruciatingly intricate drawings. Although he draws on current events, politics and the news of today when making his drawings, there is always the current of a parallel ethereal world evident in his renderings. I first met Jeremiah about 20 years ago. I saw these mysterious drawings hanging at my favorite music store: Aquarius Records. There was a little book hanging in the store that said: "If you want to try and talk to Jeremiah, please write your info here." I did. And I did. And then about three months later, he got in touch with me. That was the beginning of our first show. Since then, we've done shows in New York, Berlin, London. Now we're back in San Francisco. There's a lot packed into these works. Take your time, get close. I'm not sure what it all means, but that's a great part of its sublime magnetism: the Mystery.